by Sleepy Genes

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released August 16, 2012



all rights reserved


Sleepy Genes Atlanta, Georgia

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Track Name: Hard Hearts
If only you could ever thank me for laying all of your sins across the floor.
If only you could ever blame me for sweeping all of your sins out of the door.
I feel the earth beneath my feet.
I feel the stars crumble between.
Track Name: Devil People
My voice is of mother Mary
and my heart is of the Earth.
If we could let our voices carry,
maybe our souls would be of worth.
If you could see in my dreams, maybe you'd know what I mean. If we could see in our dreams, maybe we'd know how to sing.
There's no deeper breath I can take,
feeling everything... all the time.
Feel open to all that's at stake.
Feel open to just feel alive.
I just want to feel alive.
Because, if there's a devil who's living and breathing among us, then his ways are just as just as the gods above. And, if there's a god who's living and breathing into us, then his ways are just as corrupt as the devils below. If my smooth, gray eyes can turn you, then my blues disguise will earn you. So, there's no way lies can hurt you now.
Track Name: Passion People
I'm not afraid of where I'm going, because I'm never gonna change my ways.
I'm not afraid of how I'm growing, because I'm never gonna act my age.
I'm not afraid of pendulum swinging, because track the time.
I'm ashamed of how I'm singing, because never gonna act my mind.
There's no way I'd change these days.
I'm not afraid of what you're preaching, because to me, the meanings all the same.
I'm not ashamed of what I'm teaching, because I'm never gonna fucking change.
Take your passions slow.
There's no need to let them go.
If my bones begin to break, then my heart will cease to ache.
If my body only catches disease, let my love become a seed.
If my passion becomes casting stones, is it my love that needs to grow?
Track Name: Soft Hearts
I've been here for days with a wander that's making my heart soft.
It feels like my head's right.
But, I've been here for days...

It feels the same and that's what you wanted.
I'm to blame for never confronting...
It feels the same. But, that's what I wanted too.
Track Name: Village People
I can see the lines dripping down across a page that you'll never sign.
I can see your eyes gazing out, up towards a face that you'll never find.
You can never grow the case you want to plead if you never show.
So, take another seed and watch it grow. Slip inside your mind.
I could steal your damned-fit face if i could feel this goddamn place.